Recent News

December 2016 Medical Mission
Rev. Emeruwa Anyanwu is already in Nigeria in preparation for our December 2016/January 2017 Africa Medicaid Program Medical Mission. This mission will take him to our Care Centers locations are; Eziagbogu Health Center, Eziudo1 Health Center and Onicha Health Center all in Ezinihitte Mbaise in Eastern Nigeria. We will provide refills for our 158 enrolled clients as well as provide free care, testing, education, and medications and vitamins for poor adults in attendance. We will also provide a quick referral program for the patients to our consulting physicians if needed. For more information about this program and possibilities of setting up a Care Center in your community, please contact the Executive Director.

For more information about this program please contact any Unit Head in the nearest Health Center in Ezininhitte to contact our Care Center volunteers at Amagbo Health Center. To set up a Care Center in your community, please contact the Executive Director.

Rural Grain Storage Project, Mbaise
June 2016. Afrikind conducts a capacity building training for 75 rural women maize farmers in Mbaise, South East, Nigeria. This project  was made possible through a grant from The Pollination Project, based in the United States. GrainPro,Inc, a leader in the prevention of post-harvest losses for maize farmers in developing countries provided the GrainPro bags. The Local Project Committee  was led by Mr. Finian Ndukwu and Mr. Collins Anyanwu. The next stage of the project will look into the expansion of maize monocropping, the introduction of pro-vitamin maize species, the delivery of small hand tools for maize farming and the introduction of bio-intensive and organic farming. The next stage will be announced soon.

Oklahoma State University joins Afrikind’s Maize Project.
Prof. Bill Raun the director of the OSU Hand Planter for Maize has confirmed that our Maize farming and storage project will host the trail use of the renowned Oklahoma  State University GreenSeeder Hand Planter. Nigeria (Mbaise) will join Uganda and El Salvador in the selected trial run of the project. This tool will be deployed in the Maize Monocropping Scheme in Mbaise in 2017.

Afrikind to Set up a Haitian Medical Mission Project
Afrikind is in early talks with Dr. Lionel Anicette, a Haitian – American physician in New Jersey to launch a permanent Medical Mission in Haiti in 2017. Our Executive Director is scheduled to meet with Dr. Anicette to lay the ground game for this project. The Haitian Mission will garner medical supplies and medications from all major international mission support groups in the US to help the victims of the last storm in Haiti. Above all, the mission will set up the Haitian Medicaid Program that will model the Africa Medicaid Program but may target other illnesses in Haiti and set up a continuum of care rather than the usual year by year short mission program. Stay tuned!

Chief Kelechi Onyegbule to Join Afrikind BoD
Plans are in top gear to welcome Chief Onyegbule into the board of directors of Afrikind. Chief Onyegbule is a prominent progressive Nigerian-American in New Jersey. He is a well-known socialite, community leader. Chief Onyegbule will be coming in with a wealth of  experience in community development and extensive contacts in the Nigerian community in the United States.