Africa Medicaid Program

Africa Medicaid Program is a signature project designed to expand access to care, education, monitoring and refills to poor adults in rural areas of developing countries suffering from hypertension, diabetes or both at no cost. The project was launched in 2014 with the opening of a Care Center at Amagbo Ihitte, Health Center, Mbaise, Imo State, Eastern Nigeria.

The Mission: Africa Medicaid Program is committed to reducing/eradicating premature deaths resulting from manageable chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The Vision: To improve health outcomes for the poor through targeted interventions. Target Population: Sick and poor adults suffering from Hypertension and Diabetes.

Why Africa Medicaid Program: The prevalence of chronic diseases like diabetes, and hypertension with their attendant complications like stroke and heart attacks, lead to premature deaths of people, especially the poor. Millions of poor sick individuals in Africa do not have enough money to sustain long term medication needs for these illnesses. Mortality rates are therefore understandably significantly higher among poor sick patients. It is a well-known fact that chronic health problems are costly to maintain and support, especially for the poor. There is therefore a great need for programs that specifically target this population to fill this gap and to assist poor patients for continuous refills, as well as to keep an accurate record of progress.

The Goals 1. To identify and qualify poor sick patients suffering from High blood pressure and diabetes. 2. To provide education regarding diabetes and hypertension, and ensure constant refill of needed prescription medication needed by qualified poor sick patients; 3. To sustain the medication needs of qualified patients for life at no cost; 4. To gradually expand the program to cover other geographical locations as well as identify other prevalent chronic illnesses and include more poor patient

Expected Outcomes/Results: 1. Poor individuals suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes will no longer die prematurely just because they could not afford needed medications. They can therefore have improved health outcomes and thus enjoy better quality of life. In turn, they will become more productive citizens who can fully participate in the local economic system and help sustain the local economy. 2. The rate of mortality caused by these two prevalent illnesses will drop dramatically because patients can remain on their medications as long as possible. We are meeting our goals and are poised to do more. Join us or make a donation to provide more access to healthcare for the poor in your community.

Our Achievements since 2014: We now have four Care Centers at Amagbo, Eziagbogu, Eziudo 1 and Onicha Health Centers. These centers provide care, education, monitoring and refills for 285 poor adults free of charge. We have dedicated Care staff, led by Oluchi Nwokoro, Head of Department, Ezinihitte Local Government Council, testing and monitoring equipment and medications provided by United States based mission organization including MAP International. Our impact survey shows that more that 75% of the beneficiaries believe that the program is helping make a difference in their lives. More than 85% agree that they are saving money, becoming healthier and do not need to sale family property to pay for care. To support and sustain this project, please make a donation today! Oluchi Nwokoro



Oluchi Nwokoro, Volunteer Supervisor, Africa Medicaid Program

Get Involved

The way  Afrikind raises money is as important as how we spend it. Nearly all our funding comes from highly committed individuals who direct a  share of their financial resources towards alleviating poverty especially in Africa. We have also partnered with many committed not for profit organizations in America and around the world who provide both financial, and material resources.
For now, the activities and projects of Afrikind are funded by the incredible commitment of the individual members at the International Secretariat in Texas, and the International Projects Office in New Jersey, USA.

For anyone or organization(s) of goodwill who would like to make a donation  of funds or materials, the following are the ways to get involved:

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Prof Anyanwu

Prof. Christian Anyanwu

Prof. Christian Anyanwu
Prof. Anyanwu is an African-born Philosopher and social scientist. He was also trained in the field of addiction medicine. He lives in Queens New York and currently teaches at the City University of New York. Prof Anyanwu’s area of interest includes effective and accountable leadership in Africa.


Mr. Solomon Nwokeforo

Elder Sir Fred Umennakwe

Elder Sir Fred Umunnakwe
Elder Fred Umunnakwe is a business consultant, entrepreneur, corporate & community leader. He is on the boards and executive council of many community organizations both in the United States and Nigeria. He brings with him huge community organizing and management skills. He lives in the state Georgia.


Dr. Mrs Christies Osuagwu

Dr. Christies Osuagwu

Dr.Christie Osuagwu
Mrs Osuagwu holds a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery, B.Sc in Nursing,M.Sc in Public Planning and Administration, M.Sc in Nursing and a PhD in Nursing. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Community Health & Preventive Medicine/Nurse Practitioner at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (UTHSCT), USA. She lives in Tyler Tx.


Dr. Edward Oparaoji

Prof. Edward Oparaoji

Prof. Edward Oparaoji
Dr. Oparaoji is former Howard University Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and an expert in Global Medical Services delivery. Currently, he is a Director at Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. and CEO at ECUDOMEF;a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of the underprivileged Nigerian, through the facilitation of access to affordable purposeful education and quality healthcare. He lives in Pennsylvania.


Robert O Unegbu

Robert O Unegbu

Robert O Unegbu
President/ Co-Founder
Robert is a doctorate student of Human Services at Walden University. He also has a master’s degree in Social Work an undergraduate degree in Sociology. Previously, Robert was the National Executive President of the All Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association (ANUNSA) for eight years. He lives in Tyler Tx.


Chijike K Ndukwu

Chijike K Ndukwu
Executive Director/Co-Founder
Chijike holds a graduate degree in Community Economic Development at the Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester New Hampshire. He also has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture. Chijike was formally the National Secretary-General of the All Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association (ANUNSA) for more than ten years. He lives in East Orange, New Jersey.


Engr. Solomon U Nwokeforo
Engr Nwokeforo holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and nursing. He is a Community leader and the Secretary –General of Ndugba United, a very progressive non-profit community organization based in Maryland, USA.

Executive Team
Robert O Unegbu, Msw, (PhD in view)

Chijike K Ndukwu, M.Sc (Arch), M.S, CED
Executive Director

Petus C Nwoke, B.Ed, LL. B
Director of Strategic Programs

Dr. Felix Onyeise, MD
Consultant for Medical Missions and Africa Medicaid Program

Dr. Chikwendu Enwere MD
Medical Oversight Consultant
Africa Medicaid Program

Mrs. Oluchi Nwokoro
Head, Department of Health
Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Council, Itu
Volunteer Supervisor, Africa Medicaid Program

Strategic International Representations:

Prof. Deborah N Mpka
Nigeria Resident Representative
Prof Mrs. Mkpa holds a doctorate degree in education specializing counseling. She is a Professor of Education at Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria has extensive experience in community organizing and economic empowerment of women and youth. She is the wife of Professor M.A Mkpa,  former Vice-Chancellor of Abia State University and currently the Secretary of the State Government of Abia State, Nigeria. She lives in Nigeria

Mr. Sixtus Ebere
European Resident Representative
Mr. Ebere holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sociology and Anthropology. He speaks English, Italian, and Igbo and has extensive international experience in program planning and organizational management. He lives in Forli, Italy.

Ms. Maryann Kadenge, B.S Agriculture
Program Manager
Food Security